Alex Robb

Alex Robb

Director and General Manager of Trees ~ Island Grown

Alex Robb is the Director and General Manager of Trees ~ Island Grown, based in Victoria, BC. Trees evolved as the amalgamation of three different compassion clubs in Victoria and Nanaimo, and has now grown to seven cannabis storefronts on Vancouver Island. Through his work with Trees, Alex has been actively involved in the political process around regulating and licensing retail cannabis storefronts in the City of Victoria since 2016. Prior to joining the Trees team, Alex was a PhD candidate at the University of Victoria, where his research in political theory presented Mahatma Gandhi's method of nonviolently struggling for truth (satyagraha) as a mode of postmodern cooperative citizenship, and practical ethic for conflict resolution and cooperatively engaging with others toward alternative models of living together in peace, prosperity and mutual benefit.

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