Susan Chapelle, MBA

Susan Chapelle, MBA

Susan Chapelle, MBA

Director of Government Relations with Pasha Brands

Susan Chapelle has been both a patient and an advocate for the cannabis industry for over 10 years. As a city councilor, Susan advocated for and put forward policy to reflect recent legalization, and to help those small businesses involved in the growth and dispensing of cannabis to retain their place in the new economy. Susan has recently accepted a position as Director of Government Relations with Pasha Brands and is excited to be utilizing all of her gained knowledge in politics, science and startups to help keep the small business economics of cannabis viable in a time of rapid industry growth and regulatory uncertainty.


As a business owner for over 30 years and an early adopter of innovation, Susan opened the first multidisciplinary health care clinic in Squamish, BC. Squamish Integrated Health maintains over 20 practitioners and serves the health of the community through evidence based treatments that have been developed and published in peer review journals.


Susan’s recent opening of Aligned Collective in Squamish as a space where people can work together across sectors to resolve economic and social issues, as well as move into smart city solutions will be an exciting use of her Community Economic Development education at SFU.


As an entrepreneur and advocate, her recent completion of a Master’s degree in Business Administration at Simon Fraser University has helped her grow her skills in the world of startups.


In the 2018 municipal election, Susan finished her 10-year political career and two terms as a city councilor where she advocated for healthy cities and active transportation with running for Mayor in the District of Squamish, BC.


As a researcher, Susan has published extensively in the area of wound healing and mechanism of manual therapy as co-investigator with Dr. Geoffrey Bove, D.C, PhD at the University of New England. Recent work on a National Institute of Medical Science grant to study mechanisms of post-operative adhesion formation has been published in PLOS One. Her recent publication on mechanism of repetitive strain injury has been published in PAIN. Her numerous publications and expertise on the subject of healing mechanisms, as well as cities and technology have offered her the opportunity to speak both locally and globally as a keynote speaker and educator.

Twitter and Instagram: @squamishsusan


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