Welcome to the British Columbia Independent Cannabis Association. Our organization is a not-for-profit advocacy group focused on improving cannabis availability, education, and de-stigmatization throughout our beautiful province. We are not a trade association, and we do not represent the industry as a whole. Our goal is to ensure that legalization does not come at the cost of losing the unique character and strengths that made BC cannabis world famous. We believe that by advocating for small businesses and the consumers they serve, we can achieve a thriving regional cannabis economy that benefits all British Columbians.

For a mere $5 annual fee, you can gain access to virtual panels, receive regulatory insight from insiders, get timely updates on lobby efforts, and add your voice in calling for a diverse, inclusive, and local BC industry. From business owner to casual smoker, we treat everyone the same. Federal legalization was the first step to creating nation-wide policy around cannabis. As exciting as this is, it is just the start. There remain many barriers (both to consumers and local economies) and much stigma. The BCICA aims to collect input from all members, educate policy makers and the public, and create a community focused on the continual improvement of one of BC’s most impactful products.