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5 Best CBD Gummies of 2023

Looking for an easy and fun way to take your cannabidiol (CBD)? With no measuring requirement, the handy and tasty CBD gummies would be the best discreet choice for your anxiety and insomnia, especially if you’re trying CBD for the very first time.
However, with many available CBD gummies that you can shop, you might get stuck on where to begin. Don’t worry! We have picked the top 5 best cbd gummies of 2023, considering safety, quality, and transparency as the main criteria.
We have also narrowed the best products for each formula/type (CBD …

Product Unboxing & Reviews

Grow Logic Vertical Grow Light

When you look at the Grow Logic Vertical DE, it probably feels unlike anything you will ever see. They could be hung in your garden and provide excellent side illumination for your plants.
First and foremost, there is this massive sheath and this odd-looking socket. The way they created this item was actually pretty well-thought-out.
The main drawback is that it is exclusively one-sided. As a result, it is less efficient than double-ended.

Product Unboxing & Reviews

Hortilux SE Grow Light

The Hortilux SE Grow Light is a 600-watt light that comes with a unique fixture and ballast. This lamp may be purchased alone; however, it is advised that you purchase it along with the ballast because it was specifically created for this setup.
One of the most wonderful features of this lamp is the Ceramic Metal Halide. It provides the fantastic spectrum that ceramics provide, as well as the strength of a 600-watt bulb.
When comparing the light output of a 600-watt ceramic HPS to a standard HPS, you will find a significant difference. It is distributed throughout a larger spectrum that is not detected by a lumen sensor…

Product Unboxing & Reviews

Recommended LED Lights for Your Cannabis Cultivation

These light solutions have made an impression on the market, particularly for propagation, seed germination, and vegetal development. They are pushing the boundaries in this area, yet they are not quite as costly as LEDs were several years back.
Let’s have a look at each of them:
Horticulture’s LED Light