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Understanding the Sex of Your Cannabis Plants

When is the best time to determine the sex of your cannabis plants? To be honest, determining the gender throughout the early development stage is difficult because there is not much of a noticeable distinction until the reproductive organs emerge.
Some growers will tell you that you may utilize features like height and girth. However, this is not always helpful.
Furthermore, many varieties will differ depending on their phenotypes. As a result, what may be a useful distinguishing feature for…


Why Cannabis Growers Use Test Rooms

Commercial growers are always improving their techniques to ensure that each harvest yields only the healthiest crop. Being at the top of the competition, on the other hand, involves continuous improvement.
To remain competitive in an expanding industry, producers may need to step outside of their comfort zone. When it comes to growing tactics, producers must be willing to try something new.
The Need for a Test Room for Cannabis Growers
Test rooms are an excellent area for …


The Importance of Procurement in Cannabis Industry’s Supply Chain

Regardless of your industry, the effectiveness of your supply chain is closely tied to the success of your company.
Instead of calling them by their true names, procurement and purchasing operations, the terms sourcing, dealing, and buying are frequently thrown throughout the market.
Procurement is the starting point of your supply network and comes to an end when you have all you need to produce your services and goods.
As part of their daily processes, most businesses have a procurement division. However, many personnel in these corporations are often ignorant of the buying department’s role.
The …


The Safety Standards in the Cannabis Industry

Many states are reaping enormous profits from the expanding medicinal and recreational marijuana market. As a result, it is just a matter of time until legislators agree to dive into the burgeoning sector.
Many existing cannabis cultivation facility owners and employees may learn that they must make adjustments. This is in order to keep up with a sector that has the capacity to alter virtually overnight.
Legalization will result in significant economic upheaval in the United States. …


Discussing Plastic Waste in The Cannabis Industry

Cannabis cultivation requires the use of numerous resources, including electricity, fertilizers, water, and many others. These real expenses can be daunting, and we have not even arrived at the rear end of the procedure!
Throughout the cannabis growing cycle, there will be expenses. At times, these expenditures might be frustrating.
Unfortunately, none of them is nearly as upsetting as watching some of those fees contribute to physical garbage. And in the commercial cannabis industry, waste…


The Main Principles in Doing Cannabis Business

What would you tell if you were to define the common buyer-vendor interactions in the cannabis business today? Not surprisingly, there are sometimes misaligned objectives, goals, and limitations that a consumer and supplier bring to the table. This also applies to the cannabis industry.
In order for a business partnership to be successful, the parties must work together to accomplish mutual goals, handle issues, and embrace opportunities. Developing and sustaining excellent, strategy-…