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grow weed with leds
How To Grow 101

Grow Weed With LEDs Light For Better Or Higher Yields

Growing weed with LED light isn’t a novel idea anymore. It’s rapidly taking the weed growers and CBD Oil industry by storm. In a few years, it might leave HID lamps in the dust.
Why is LED stealing the spotlight?
Simple; as Danielle from explains, it’s a more affordable option.
If you are planning to adopt LED for your indoor cannabis plant cultivation? Then this post is a must-read.
This is a detailed …

Growing Cannabis Near Pets
How To Grow 101

Growing Cannabis Near Pets:

When it comes to cannabis, the relationship with your plants can be truly emotional. You don’t have anything interfering with the herb, especially if you are growing it outdoors. Although CBD for Dogs is not uncommon, growing Cannabis near your pet is not necessarily safe. That sounds confusing, right? Read on to find answers to these questions.
Avoid the Physical Damage of Cannabis by Pets
If you have a pet, you know that it can be quite somewhat of a nuisance. You may have to deal with the cat or dog peeing on your …

How To Grow 101

The Legal Planning in Cannabis Cultivation

If you have never grown marijuana before, you might be perplexed by the abundance of information on the web. Furthermore, provinces that permit home cultivation have their own set of restrictions.
Canadians who want to grow their own cannabis can do so under federal law by purchasing seeds from a regionally licensed vendor. They are permitted to cultivate up to four crops for private use per household.
Individuals who seek to produce a small amount of legal marijuana for individual use must do so personally and may not appoint someone else to do so on their behalf. The only exception will remain to be for people who have been…

How To Grow 101

The Basics of Seed Germination

Germination is essentially the phase of plant growth in which the taproot emerges from a sleeping seed. Seeds germinate naturally in the wilderness, so you should not be too concerned about natural germination.
The problem is that not every cannabis seed in the ecosystem germinates. This is due to a few basic requirements that must be achieved before germination can occur. Temperature, moisture content, growing conditions, and other factors are among these requirements.
We want to be able to regulate as much of the growth process as possible in cannabis production, including germination. It is not merely a matter of …

How To Grow 101

Understanding Cannabis Seed Genetics

Genetics is a key factor when starting to grow your own cannabis. But what exactly does the term “genetics” imply? For a beginner grower, the word may be misleading or ambiguous.
While the phrase actually relates to the genetic code contained in a crop, we use it a bit liberally in cannabis growing. Essentially, we are talking about the things that determine how your plants will grow: seeds and clones.
When new growers think about genetics, they most often solely contemplate …

How To Grow 101

Understanding Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis edibles are consumables that have been treated with THC. The product is becoming increasingly popular as a means of ingesting cannabis due to its capacity to give a safer and more dependable option for consumers with specific medical problems.
Edibles are popular among cannabis users because they are easy to consume. They can also provide a delayed start and a longer duration of action than typical cannabis smoking.
Depending on the dose as well as other aspects such as body weight and physical condition, the results of an adequately dosed edible, according to users, begin about 30 to 90 minutes and can continue from…