Genetics is a key factor when starting to grow your own cannabis. But what exactly does the term “genetics” imply? For a beginner grower, the word may be misleading or ambiguous.

While the phrase actually relates to the genetic code contained in a crop, we use it a bit liberally in cannabis growing. Essentially, we are talking about the things that determine how your plants will grow: seeds and clones.

When new growers think about genetics, they most often solely contemplate the result of a certain strain they wish to produce. While this is unquestionably important, there are a number of additional factors to take into account.

The health of the seed should always be the first priority. The issue is that if you buy seeds online, you will not be able to assess their condition until you receive them. Our advice here would be to do your investigation ahead of time and discover which provider best meets your needs.

Healthy crops will have an undamaged seed coat that has not been degraded. Check for perforations as well, since parasitoids may drill into seeds in search of the delectable starch.

You should also be able to apply gentle finger pressure on the seed without it fracturing. If the seed collapses when lightly pressed, it is either sterile or dead.

Without going into too much detail, many cannabis varieties grow flowers in reaction to the number of light plants get. Use auto-flowering variety seeds if you can not properly manage the illumination for your plants.

When these seeds reach maturity, they will blossom naturally based on where they are in their growing cycle rather than the quantity of everyday daylight they get.

Furthermore, various Cannabis strains range in how rapidly they develop flowers, so you will want to examine the timeframe of your cultivation as well.

Try to be aware of which varieties fulfill your expectations as you move through our list and explore with numerous different strains. This will make it easier to determine the sorts of strains to attempt in the future.

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