When is the best time to determine the sex of your cannabis plants? To be honest, determining the gender throughout the early development stage is difficult because there is not much of a noticeable distinction until the reproductive organs emerge.

Some growers will tell you that you may utilize features like height and girth. However, this is not always helpful.

Furthermore, many varieties will differ depending on their phenotypes. As a result, what may be a useful distinguishing feature for one kind of plant may not be true for the other.

Distinguishing Male and Female Plants

These sexual organs begin to form about the time the plants begin to bloom. Therefore, you will need to examine them every other day and eliminate males as soon as you notice any.

Male pods may be distinguished from female pistils by their particularly rounded and chubby appearance. The pistils of females, on the other hand, are smaller and thinner.

Based on the duration of your vegetative stage, your females may begin generating pistils before they blossom. If you notice delicate white hair forming on the tree as it begins to blossom, you have a female bush.

The Takeaways

You must be cautious and remove the male crops before they start to release pollen. You do not want to sacrifice your time and energy maintaining the plants that you will eventually get rid of.

If you wait for the males to develop, the pollen pouches will break and fertilize your females. This is how flowering plants propagate in the wild.

Most obviously, you do not want your males pollinating your females. To make their flowers seedless and powerful, most producers that are focused on cultivating excellent flowers eradicate the males as immediately as they are spotted.

Male pollen bags grow early in the blooming stage, much the same as female pollen bags. Though you have some time until the males are developed enough to disperse their pollen, you should eradicate the males as shortly as they are noticed.

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