Trellis netting is a type of flexible mesh that is used to shape plants by keeping them in place gradually. The device enables planters to manage the crop’s form and growth pattern.

This allows cannabis growers to increase grow space and sunlight penetration. It is commonly manufactured of nylon, polyamide, or polypropylene and may be used for a wide range of garden plants.

Trellis netting is used by farmers in both horizontal and vertical operations. The netting may be used for sturdiness or to pull in branches to guarantee optimum support and maximum light exposure for all of the crops.

Most Recommended Trellis Netting Brands

Grower’s Edge is a well-known trellis netting brand. This┬átrellis netting is what experts employ. While white trellis might draw attention to your garden, this green trellis is nearly unnoticeable from a distance.

Grower’s Edge also offers trellis netting composed of soft mesh nylon. This trellis is a long-lasting product that is highly suggested if you are worried about the netting hurting your plants.

Hydrofarm is another common alternative. Their reconfigurable trellis was designed exclusively for use in crop tents and is among the finest cannabis trellis nets. If you have a larger growth area to trellis, you can join these modules to fit practically any size tent.

Grow Strong soft trellis netting is the appropriate choice if you want something with a low budget. This one is specially intended to be easy on your plants and is offered in large rolls, saving you money.

If you have a bigger grow to trellis, this is the product to use. It is made of strong duty soft nylon and will protect your plants without inflicting rubbing harm.

Grower’s Edge Bulk Rolls are another cost-effective option. Many subsistence farmers and floriculturists prefer this netting because of its durability and practicality.

Grow Strong Trellis Netting performs admirably for both vertical and horizontal installations. It is among the best trellis netting for marijuana since it is lightweight, easy to set up, and will not twist.

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