The Hortilux SE Grow Light is a 600-watt light that comes with a unique fixture and ballast. This lamp may be purchased alone; however, it is advised that you purchase it along with the ballast because it was specifically created for this setup.

One of the most wonderful features of this lamp is the Ceramic Metal Halide. It provides the fantastic spectrum that ceramics provide, as well as the strength of a 600-watt bulb.

When comparing the light output of a 600-watt ceramic HPS to a standard HPS, you will find a significant difference. It is distributed throughout a larger spectrum that is not detected by a lumen sensor.

This light was designed for a four-by-four floor space and hangs about one meter above the canopy. That is the advice, however, you might want to tweak it a little bit.

If you know how to grow immature plants into crops, you would definitely hang this item more around four feet, maybe even somewhat higher. You may even be able to wiggle somewhat lower than that at the peak of flowering as the bushes acclimate.

Furthermore, this light comes with an easily replaceable reflector. System reflectors become filthy and even damaged from cleaning after multiple grow cycles.

Maintaining a constant plant quality and excellent yields is made easier with a reflector replacement timetable. Changing a reflector in the SE 600 does not need the purchase of a completely new system.

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